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Majority of content on this websites are chess puzzles.

They are divided by 3 main criteria (2 more are coming) – difficulty, the aim of the tactics, and the tactical element. Please, read more on the organization of the chess tactics at Chess Tactics Classification on

How to study tactics?
We think it is beneficial to know the theory, thus we recommend to get familiar with all the terms and definitions in Theory articles. For the tactics, the mandatory and the best way to learn is to practice!

When you are learning some tactical element, it is recommended to choose puzzles which all contain that particular element. In that way you will much empower your ability to recognize it in other puzzles, and of course in your practical games.

There are three levels of difficulty. The first is aimed for absolute beginners, so some very easy puzzles are included. If you have some experience, we think it is still good to solve the easy ones. You will reinforce your tactical abilities, so there will be much higher probability you won’t miss some tactics during the game.

The other way is to choose the puzzle according to tactics goal, namely checkmate, material advantage, and so on, regardless on tactical element(s) being used. This kind of training is useful when you want to, for example, sharpen your attacking skills, and looking for checkmate.

Naturally, when you play a game, you don’t know if there is a checkmate, stalemate, if there is a double attack, decoy, … no one will tell you what to look for. So, when you have finished practicing particular elements, you can go to all puzzles section. This is collection of all puzzles with all goals, all elements. You can still choose difficulty if you want to.


Have fun solving!

You will be surprised by how much you improved your tactics.







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