Tactical Element – Distraction


When it is needed to distract the enemy piece from its active position, we employ tactical element Distraction (or Deflection).

Distraction is an important element and is very common in practical play, especially in tactics and when attacking the opponent. The targeted enemy piece has some defending function (e.g. protecting the piece or controlling the important square) which we want to interrupt. One way to do it is simply to take the piece and it is called Elimination. The other way is to force the enemy piece to leave its current square and thus break its defensive functionality. We distract or deflect this piece.

Distraction is also often combined with other tactical elements. In combinations with Distraction, our first move which aims to distract the opponent’s piece has to be attacking move with piece capture or some kind of threat. This move often contains some other tactical element. After the targeted piece is distracted, we need to perform our action. Distraction is just a method that enables our main goal. After distraction follows other tactics which finishes the combination.










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