The Unfinished List of Checkmate Patterns


Here is just a list. We will write separate article about each pattern.

It is a work in progress, list will be expanded with new checkmates.


Anastasia’s Mate

Anderssen’s Mate

Arabian Mate

Back Rank Mate

Balestra Mate

Blackburne’s Mate

Blind Swine Mate

Boden’s Mate

Corner Mate

Cozio’s Mate

Damiano’s Mate

David and Goliath Mate

Epaulette Mate

Greco’s Mate

Hook Mate

Kill Box Mate

Legal’s Mate

Lolli’s Mate

Max Lange’s Mate

Mayet’s Mate

Morphy’s Mate

Opera Mate

Pillsbury’s Mate

Reti’s Mate

Smothered Mate

Suffocation Mate

Swallow’s Tail Mate


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